So long, old boy

Last Saturday, I had to say goodbye to my shadow. 13 years of the best a boy could give me.
Am I sad? very much, a part of me has left and there’s a hole in the earth.
There’s no warmth left in the corner of the lounge room anymore.
I knew it was coming but it came up so fast, and I feel like I missed out on the last few moments with him.
While I was there when he passed, and I held his head in my hands and told him I loved him. I still feel like I’ve missed out on the last few moments to take him to the beach or out for a drive.
He returned home today, ashes in an urn. But it’s not the same.
I’m going to miss the hair stuck to me, his paw on my foot, or staying as close as he can to me whenever I’m around.
He was my place to go to when I needed comfort, and now I have nowhere to go.
I’m going to miss him for a long time.

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