Storms, Sunsets and Salty Ocean Spray

I’ve spent quite a long time spending my days at work and doing my usual life things, walking around with a sadness that’s dragging behind me. I know what it’s from, but I’ve never been able to accurately put it into words. I don’t like dragging it around, I’d like to be happier, have more enthusiasm with things in my life. But it’s just there and I’ve had no idea how to deal with it previously until I had something appear in my Instagram feed from one of my favourites, J.M. Storm.

When you find beautiful depth with someone, nothing else will ever do. Nothing else will ever be good enough.
Because you have been awakened to the fact that mere moments in the abyss holds more intimacy than years on the surface.
And once you become conscious to that, there is no going back to sleep.

JM Storm

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