Three Abstractions – Part I (Love)

Dear Love,

You are in every fabric of the universe, in the air, the trees, in anything you can touch, see and hear, and those you cannot. You are snow on Mount Everest, when we feel it we are at our highest. You are also the mud in the dead sea, without it, we are at our lowest. When we are on top of the world you remind us to stay hopeful, when we are at our lowest you give us hope.

I have loved, and I have loved hard. Only to be returned with hurt time and time again, yet you cannot feel what you are and that is the difference between you and I. Why do you do this to me? There has been nothing but forgiveness and giving.
With every new breath, love starts all over again, is equally spread and just as hard as the time before. I love you, but I also fear you, pondered never endlessly. Waiting for that moment to happen all over again and bring the world crashing down, like you have done to be me before.

Dear Love, I love you, but I also fear you.

Maybe I love too much and maybe I show it too little. – r.m. drake

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